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Reiki Experience

The client lies fully clothed upon a massage table in a dimly lit room while soothing music plays gently in the background.  The Reiki practitioner places their hands upon the body in strategic positions, to initiate the flow of the Reiki energy.  The energy is powerful, yet unobtrusive.  Some clients can actually feel the energy flowing into their body.  Most everyone is aware of the warmth or coolness emanating from the practitioners hands.  When the Reiki energy is doing major work for you, you may feel tired the next day as the energy continues to work on you.  You will most likely have an unusually restful nights sleep after the Reiki treatment.

After Reiki Session

After the session you are Relaxed, Rested and Rejuvenated...the 3 R's of Reiki.  It is so relaxing, that most people fall asleep during the process.  The Reiki healing process works on the system in your body that most needs attention.  It will strengthen your immune system after several treatments.  You feel so relaxed that it is an experience you wish to repeat often




Reiki for you and Your Pets

Reiki Level I class will be on February 21, 2015

Reiki Level II class will be on March 14, 2015 


   Reiki is complementary to your physician's treatment plan because it does not interfere with your medical treatment or medications you may be taking.


       Reiki (pronounced Rey-Key) is a Japanese form of healing.  The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words..."Rei which translates as Universal Life Energy and "ki" translates as energy - Universal Life Energy.  Reiki addresses the body, mind and sprit accelerating one's ability to heal one's self.  When Reiki is used the body is reminded of its ability to heal physical ailments, the mind opened to the causes of disease, and the spirit to the opportunity of taking responsibility for one's life.


      Reiki is a subtle energy that is sometimes referred to as Energy Work or Healing and is viewed as homeopathic in nature.  It works with the invisible energy fields within and around the body.  If restores the imbalances within the body so that the body's own ability to heal itself is amplified.  Reiki bypasses the symptom and addresses the cause of dis-ease.


      Reiki is spiritual in nature, and therefore cannot be directed or manipulated in any way.  It works with the "knowing" part of ourselves that has created, caused or participated in the problem and therefore knows the antidote. 


Reiki and Pets


Reiki is a wonderful tool for helping your animals stay calm or to help them when there has been an emotional or physical injury.  I have used Reiki to neutralize a trauma after an encounter that has emotionally traumatized my animals.  I also use Reiki to heal injuries, aches or pains.   Reiki energy can help  releive pain from in the muscles and joints of older animals.  I have also used the Reiki energy to save my 7 pound Pomeranian when whe was attacked by a 100 pound Akita.  The veterinarian said that most others dogs would have not survived the injuries and that she was a miracle dog.  I did Reiki off and on for a week, night and day, and she was completely healed and back to her normal self in 2 weeks time. With dedication and devotion anyone with the Reiki energy can help their loved ones be they animal or human.  Sometimes that means that you make them comfortable until the end.  When the body and soul has decided that it is now time to leave this plain of existence then the most that we can do is make the person or animal comfortable and as painless as possible.  Reiki can work miracles but the indiviual person or animal also has a life path and choice and at that point Reiki can only support the decision of the soul.